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Thank you for stopping by to discover a little about me, Melanie Jayne, the enthused teddy bear artist behind Bear Treasures. From my early childhood I was always engaged with the art world which led me to attend Art School. In the past my life was encompassed with fine art and illustration, mixed media and textiles, but that all changed when I accidentally stumbled into the wonderful world of the collectable artist teddy bear.


I am a completely self-taught teddy bear artist and I work full-time on the bears from my home in Lancashire England. All the bears are completely designed by me from the original pattern to their bespoke accessories and I use the finest quality mohairs and a combination of traditional and contemporary teddy bear materials and techniques. 

From the moment of discovering the wonderful world of artist teddy bears my  life took a different path and I became completely immersed with a mohair heaven, of stuffing, English glass eyes, wool, cotton, needles, scissors, cotter, nut and bolt joints, sewing machines, all of which I use to create the artist Teddy Bears I now design and handcraft! 

My bears are designed with endearing faces and are further enhanced with hand shading to achieve their loveable charm. Within creating the Bear Treasures signature looks I often hand make accessories for the bears, all of which bestow my bears with their individuality and charming personalities. 


Bear Treasures
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