A bit of Pink!

We’ve been having some lovely summer weather here in the UK which has allowed me to sit out and work in the garden while I cut out, trim and pin bears. When I am deciding what bears I would like to work on next I prefer to select several mohairs and designs and prepare them all ready for sewing. I find I work the best if I have all the bears sewn up and then work on the bears individually. Sometimes I know exactly what I would like to do with each of the sewn up bears as I create their characters, however occasionally the bear is fully completed before I can envisage their accessories.

This week I have been working on a vibrant pink bear and she is coming along beautifully, however this is one of those times when I will have to wait until she is fully assembled before I decide on her accessories and her accessory colours. I’d like to make her some sort of neck accessory, possibly a collar with lighter pink and white flowers but on the flip side I’m equally tempted to add a dark purple into the mix.

Who knows what will happen, but I do know once the bear is assembled her character will tell me what to do!