A Change in Postal Rates

Much to my surprise (shock) Royal Mail have significantly increased their international postal rates, the new rates came into effect in July and without warning.

In order to keep my postal rates reasonable and simple over the years I have absorbed some of the postal cost and all packaging costs, however the new increase in Royal Mail rates for international parcels means I can no longer do this.

Prior to the postal increases an international parcel sent with insurance cost approximately £25 and I absorbed a little of that cost and other postage rates. However under the new rates the cost has significantly increased to £35. I have considered other mailing options and companies but they are now all similar in price and service. Regrettably under these changes I have had to increase my postal charges for international purchases to £25 and I will continue to absorb some of the cost to ensure my services remain reasonable and affordable to you.

* * * Royal Mail services within the UK remain unchanged * * *

My New Postal rates are now as follows:

UK - Special delivery £10 (unchanged)

Europe - Tracked and insured £17 (£2 increase)

International/Worldwide - Tracked and Insured £25 (£5 increase)

Sadly under the changes this means I can no longer afford or offer free postage throughout 2020 to my mailing list subscribers, however I have changed the coupon to a £10 discount on all artist teddy bears purchased using the 15 year Anniversary code. I do hope you can understand this situation and I apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

If you have any queries please do get in touch x x x

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