A New Year & New Changes

Well 2018 came and went and in just over a weeks time I will also be another year older!

I enjoyed 2018 and as a family we created some wonderful memories together, our eldest son started an Engineering Apprenticeship and our youngest son started High School. I never wish the years away but 2018 didn’t go without its glitches. I struggled a lot juggling my working time and trying to find a balance for family, fun and time out, but we had an incredible summer here in the UK and I afforded myself the time to enjoy the garden and read lots.

I also struggled during the year completing commission work and for a little while I also wrestled emotionally with my creativity and the constraints of time. Over the last few years I’ve throughly enjoyed working for collectors who commission pieces and often wonderful things happen when our ideas submerge together, but this last year it also left me with little time to try out the new ideas or designs I desired to work on and when I did find the time that burst of inspirational excitement had disappeared and I occasionally felt deflated. Equally due to the constraints of time I didn’t attend and cancelled the one show I had booked and this left me feeling very disappointed in myself because attending one teddy bear show a year is something I deeply desire to accomplish.

Pondering over the last year I have decided 2019 is going to be directed a little differently. Once my order book is cleared I am not accepting any new commission work for the foreseeable future, rather I am going to give myself the time to experiment with new designs, try new things and have fun in my own imagination and creativity. This does not mean I wont be creating the teddy bears in the styles I have become accomplished in or recognised for, rather it means new designs will be added to the Bear Treasures family, and if I suddenly have the compulsive inspiration to design and take the time to work on something new I am simply going to do it and see where it takes me. I truly feel invigorated and creatively excited for 2019, however I do need to make a few changes between the balance of time I spend working and taking time out for general life and that is much easier said than done, because if creative inspiration grabs a hold of my mind its hard to put thing down and stop.

Whatever happens in 2019 I simply wish we all have a fabulous and happy year








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