A Refreshed Workroom

My workroom was once a bathroom and measures just 2x2 meters, hence why its no longer in use as a bathroom and I took over the space making it my workroom many years ago. I enjoy having my own space to design, create and work in. I also like to be tucked away from all the normal distractions but over the years my workroom has been terribly neglected, with random bits of make do furniture which resulted in disorganisation and often significant frustration, but the biggest problem with my workroom has always been its size or the lack of it.

Some weeks ago I decided it was time to finally tackle my small space and give it the much needed revamp I desired. At this point I hadn’t really considered the difficulty this would entail especially with the logistics mixed in with the Covid pandemic, but after a long wait my furniture finally arrived and the revamp commenced last week. I also hadn’t considered how much an upheaval emptying my workroom would be , although its a small space it did contain all my bear making supplies, fabrics, wools, tools etc, plus many other art supplies which resulted in almost every room of the house being turned upside down to store them.

After spending much of the weekend emptying my workroom last Monday I was able to start painting the walls and celling however the commencing days brought the hottest weather we’ve had this year here in the UK with temps reaching 32and painting this tiny workroom became a very hard slog, but I am pleased to say it feels worthwhile now.

Once the decorating was done, it was my husbands turn to do all the DIY and construction of furniture and over the weekend I was able to move back into my self-contained tiny workroom and I couldn’t be happier because it has come together perfectly, it feels bright and fresh and I have everything around me to work and create, plus a little extra storage.

And now its back to work on the bears!








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