Half Term

This week has been the half term school holidays for our youngest which has meant I haven’t needed to stick to the usual school day routine. I seem to work more progressively when I am able to work into the early morning hours and wake later in the day, I am not sure why this is so, maybe its because I can focus on the bears without distraction in the late/early hours but it works the best for me, although it is not always possible to do when daily life requires a more ordinary routine.

This week I have worked on a new teddy bear design creating a slightly longer muzzle and a chubbier body with a small hump. I am very pleased with the newly designed bear who you can just see in the background of the image, but he decided he needed a companion so I made him his very own toy rabbit. They are both now waiting for me photograph them before making their appearance on my website later today.

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