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Often when I am working or when I am designing something new I snap photos of my work, sometimes its with the intention to share my work in progress but most of the time it’s a reference reminding me how I did something. I am a visual learner, in my early adult life I was diagnosed with dyslexia and looking back at that point it made sense too. Along with some of the common (mild) features of dyslexic I mainly struggle to retain information, it requires continuous repetition or visual aids to sink in. Still to this day I can remember details from my revision preparation for my degree because I had learned to associate colour and clip art images with the information I needed. I continue to process information this way hence why I also work with a huge notice board in front of my work table, I have coloured coded sticky notices and messages to remind me of the things I need to do or remember. As you can imagine photographing my work in progress often comes in very useful as I have a tendency to forget how I achieved a result even after working on something several times. Being dyslexic has never served as a disadvantage, although I was rather angry it had been missed in my earlier education, but I soon realised and accepted it had somehow contributed positively to my creativity which had always been recognised in school and college and it had never prevented me from achieving, I simply achieved via a different method.

I also take photographs to share my work in progress on social media, but then decide not to share either because I am caught up in what I am doing or I decide I’d prefer the complete work to be a surprise or often and most truthfully I have no idea if what I am working on will indeed work at all! However I plan to start documenting some of my work right here on my blog with the hope to show the process and development of how I work and create.

Meanwhile here are some work in progress images I took of Spike and his toadstool home while I was working on them. I had planned to share the images on social media, but once all the components where ready to assemble I began to panic that the little scene would not come together as I had hoped and decided not to share.

I made Spike first, he is slightly weighted and I added hand shading to give his facial details more character and depth.

I then moved onto the scene. The two needle felted toadstools here took me a considerable amount of time to make, almost two long none stop working days to complete, but with needle felting the time put in is always worth while for the desired result and finish.

This was the point when I realised Spikes toadstool scene needed more toadstools and began to felt some more. Although the scene is rather small (9 inches by 5 inches) it took me just as long as it would to create a bear. Smaller things don’t always mean quicker.

I throughly enjoyed making Spike and his home, the whole scene came together perfectly. I have a few more ideas in mind for scenes and felting in the future, but I just need to find a few more hours in each day to achieve everything that whizzes around in my mind, but don’t worry I wont forget the ideas because I also have a sketch pad at the side to jot everything down.

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