It’s a Process.

If I am working on one bear, two or several bears at the same time I tend to work the same way. I draw out the patterns, cutout, trim and sew the bears. I then fit the limbs with the correct joint sizes and then stuff their paws and create their toes and pads. The body and limbs are then left to one side for later and I now turn my attention to stuffing the head.

Unless I am working on a new design I always work on the bear head last. Creating the teddy bear face and adding the finishing touches to a bear personality is my favourite part of the process and this takes time and consideration. It is also at this point when my work table is at its messiest, but thankfully since my workroom had a little makeover I have more available table space and I am feeling a little less disorganised in the chaos.

I am now currently working on my new bear faces, starting with he lighter bear. Firstly I will add the head joint and insert temporary position eyes followed by a basic scissor sculpt of the muzzle before sewing many layers for the nose, waxing and finishing it off. It is at this point I start to see the bear face come to life as I carefully scissor sculpt the muzzle and add the finishing details and eyes to the bear. Working on a bear face is a lengthly process but also the most enjoyable and rewarding.

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