New Things

I work full time on the bears so I am always busy working on them. This week I took a little time out to work on a new bear design. When I am designing something new I usually start with the head and once I am happy with that I will design the body, the completed head helps to give me a little more perspective on the body proportions.

This week I also learned something new

My mum was a fabulous knitter sadly apart from the basic K1, P1, it was a skill I never really learned from her, however I am determined to try and add to my basic skills and this week I learned how to do a spring stitch. It took me almost a full day to knit a scarf using the stitch for my new bear, but I really enjoyed it and I feel slightly less daunted to try new knitting skills in the future.

I named the new designed bear Faith and she is very proud to wear her newly knitted scarf and felted flower. Faith is available in my website shop

Oh and last week I designed a new bear head keyring/bag charm, I am currently working on a couple more for my website, but please do keep a look out for these happy faces

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