New website look for 2018

For 2018 I decided to give the front cover of my website a new look. I also gave the rest of my site a slightly new feel, but resisted temptation to give it a complete overhaul. I am really pleased with what I have accomplished and I am sure it will see many more changed over the next year because I do like to play with my website design.

If you are ever looking to build a website for yourself I recommend trying Wix, I have been with them for many years now and I've since recommended many friends. There is no need to know coding, the website builder is visually achieved and easy to learn, plus Wix are constantly building on their foundations and regularly add new features and functions all of which can be edited to your own preferences and style. With anything new there is a little learning curve involved as you get to know how the site builder works, but it is so easy to use and they offer lots of advice and tips in the help sections.

Unlike other site builders who require you to sign up for a paid plan to use their platforms Wix offers you the opportunity to sign up and use their website builder, templates and tools for free, I believe this is a huge advantage because it allows you to learn how to use the site at a pace that suits you. Once you're happy with your website you can elect to keep your site free which places small wix ads on your site or you may wish to take out one of their paid plans which is what I do because I also like to have my own domain name connected up.

If you are looking to build a website check Wix out, in my opinion its one of the best services available and I tried a lot of different services before I made the final decision to go with Wix.

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