Our Dog Mac

I had planned to accomplish so much last week and over the weekend, but whatever I seem to do I just can’t seem to get going at any kind of stride I’d like to this year.

Towards the end of last week I realised our youngest dog Mac wasn’t well at all and he was in a considerable amount of pain which meant an emergency trip to the vets. Things where not looking good at all for him and we had prepared ourselves for the worse, but bit by bit over the weekend he improved and today he is back to his happy, giddy and silly self. However Mac is not out of the woods just yet and he needs a specialised scan to determine what the problem is to have caused him so much pain. Fingers crossed the issues can be resolved.

It seems the universe is putting one obstacle or challenge after another in my way this year, but I guess I just need to find the determination to jump a little higher to overcome them!