Ravenscar Seal Spotting

This year as a family we have decided to get out and about more, visit new places and take on new adventures. Last weekend we made the long journey to Ravenscar on the coast of North Yorkshire in the hope to catch a glimpse of the seal colony living there. The weather forecast for Yorkshire was cloudy and showed no sign of rain so off we went. I am still kicking myself because I should have personally checked the weather, David had failed to enlighten us to the major detail that the forecast also predicted 40mph winds!

On arrival booted up and excited to see the seals we made the journey down the hills towards the distant cliffs, people on their way back up passed us smiling and I now know why, because they where probably smirking to themselves knowing what was about to hit us. One lady with her daughter and young grandchild did stop to explain the wind was a bit “Ropy near the edges and to be careful”, but there must have been a translation issue here because ropy means dodgy not potentially life threatening gale force winds, so we continued obliviously and high spirited on our way down.

We soon arrived to the cliffs and managed to get part way down before the winds took hold of us, instinctively I planted myself down to the floor, pulled Oliver down next to me and we held onto the grass for dear life. A random lady who had followed us down was now clinging on next to me and there we sat contemplating our next move and lives as the winds tried to sweep us away.

David and our eldest Patrick tried to convince us everything was OK and the wind would pass. The random lady had already gone back up and against my better judgement I agreed to continue down. We went down the first set of wooden steps and part way up the next cliff hill and there I stayed holding onto a huge rock as the next huge gushing gale tried to carry me away once again. At that point I refused to go any further. Defeated, exhausted and bad tempered we slowly made our way back up the cliffs practically crawling on all fours, leaving David in the doghouse and more so because he thought it was funny.

By now we should have all really learned our lessons. When David plans something, he doesn’t necessarily plan anything, but he has this uncanny ability to convince us he has everything under control. Ravenscar isn't an isolated incident of a fun family day outing turning into a day of survival. “Who know’s maybe David's preparing us to survive a zombie Apocalypse"

The day was eventually salvaged when we decided to take the short trip to nearby Whitby where we walked safely along the port and harbour eating fish and chips and of course David was forgiven, until next time.

The video below (shared from youtube) is taken at Ravenscar. It shows the journey down and captures some wonderful images of the seal colony, all of which we missed.