Sometimes a Bear Needs a Hat

I didn’t manage to finish these two bears as soon as I had hoped because earlier in the week we finally had a few days of dry weather which provided me with the perfect opportunity to do some garden work in preparation for spring.

Originally I had planned to make two similar bears as brother and sister, but promptly on their assembly I realised they where intended to be sister bears who also wanted similar hats and accessories.

When I make this particular style of wet felted hat I like to have the bear fully completed so I can ensure the hat fits perfectly to each bear head. Every bear head is slightly different in some way, often as a result of the mohair fabrics used and ear positioning, this usually means several hat fittings before I am finally happy with the felted hat shape and form on the bear. The hats are then left to dry. In the colder months they dry quickly on radiators or in the summer I place my wet felting outside to dry in the sun and when we are lucky enough to have it the wet felting drys almost as quick as it does on the radiators.

I am pleased to say the bears and hats are now all complete and I will be having a website update tomorrow with the two sister bears wearing their Sunday hats and bows.

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