Still here, still working.

Designing and creating teddy bears is what I love and they are a massive part of who I am, they bring me great joy. All you guys, the collectors, artists and friends who have been with me on this journey have also been a huge part of my life, some of you are new and some have followed me for many years and I am aways grateful to you all. This year also marks 15 years of Bear Treasures and that is a wonderful feeling.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and the world almost coming to a standstill, I haven’t been too sure what to do for the best. I wasn’t sure if it would be insensitive to continue to create new bears but after a considerable amount of thought I have decided to continue creating for as long as I can obtain new supplies and I hope they may bring you all a little joy and happiness in such daunting times.

I will keep myself up to date with the Royal Mail delivery announcements, currently they are operating as usual but delivery times may be a little delayed which is more than understandable during these difficult times. I also plan to offer layaway on all bears made should you request the option.

Right now I hope you all take care of yourselves and are safe

Much love

Melanie x x x