Suited and Booted

During the Christmas holidays I decided to think about putting a small collection of bears together from my new designs, I like to see my bears grouped together because it allows me to compare them and work out which direction, if any, I would like to go next especially when the designs are so very new, plus I simply enjoy seeing them together and I can use the opportunity to photograph the bears as a group.

I started work on this little collection soon after the holidays, Rupert the boy bear was made first and I fell in love with him immediately and I knew I wanted him to be apart of a collection of dressed bears, I also knew how I wanted to dress them which meant waiting for the fabrics to arrive. I do enjoy choosing the fabrics for their clothes and accessories, I think its all apart of the same creative process and last week I was able to finally sit down and make their clothes. I also decided to take some photos of my work in progress which I enjoyed throughly, although I forgot to share most of them because I was in full creative mode.

This week I am planning to work out another new design and then maybe I will work on a bear with a needle felted face and felted accessories, but who knows what will come next!

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