Teddy Bears Assemble

I have been working on this new design since early last week, as I mentioned in my previous blog post the universe seems to be impeding my creative flow as of late and everything is taking me much longer than anticipated. Thankfully I am just about to assemble this new bear, his face is so sweet and endearing and I just hope he comes together in the way I envisage. I do expect him to be slightly larger than I had originally planned which is a typical trait in my initial design drawings for new bears. For whatever reason I find it almost impossible to draw out new designs on a smaller scale however if at a later time I desire to reduce the size the hardest work will be accomplished and I can reduce the design down with much more ease. I should however highlight that reducing a design/pattern isn't always as simple as photocopying the design and decreasing the scale prior to printing, because lots of other factors need to be taken into consideration to achieve the desired proportions or look. ~ Hopefully later this evening I will have a fully assembled new teddy bear sitting on my work table waiting for ears and possibly an accessory or two.

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