Tools of the Trade

As a teddy bear artist I have many tools to aid my work, some are never intended as tools, but come in handy from time to time and then there are others that I could not work without. Apart from my sewing machine here is a rundown of my frequently used, could not live without tools.
  • Pliers for turning joints - I acquired these pliers many years ago from Davids tool box, I have tried smaller pliers and longer nosed pliers, but this set are the only pair I will use now they are strong and fit comfortable in my hands

  • Stuffing tool - After seeing this stuffing tool on websites in the US I purchased this tool as soon as I was aware Christie bears here in the UK stocked them, that was many many years ago now and I am unsure if they still stock them, however it is a very handy tool especially when you want a firm fill or for larger heads, bodies and limbs.

  • My snippy scissors - Many of the tools I have acquired over the years come from relatives or friends and the snippy scissors where no exception. I love these scissors and use them all the time to trim my seams prior to sewing which makes for a nice finish and I go into a state of panic if I can not find them.

  • Tweezers - My tweezers are long and round nosed, I use them mainly for stuffing now because I can get the stuffing in exactly the right places and I have many different sets for all my needs when stuffing the bears.

  • Awl - I think this is one of the tools I have actually purchased. As with my pliers this tool has been with me from the very beginning. I use the awl to puncture holes for jointing.

  • Bees Wax - Although I no longer sew and wax a bears nose I do use wax to aid with sewing the body and limb seams up after stuffing. I run my extra strong thread through the wax to coat it which helps to prevent the stitches from slipping as I complete the sewing up process.








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