Updates to my Mailing list

Today I have taken some time out to reorganise a few things concerning my website mailing list and subscriptions. For ease of use I have now incorporated my mailing list contacts into my website provider. This feature allows me to send out Newsletter email updates direct from my website.

I’ve also spent a little time designing welcome messages for my mailing list and thank you messages for contacting me, these will be received automatically when someone new subscribes to my mailing list or when someone contacts me using the contact forms on my website and I think they are nice touches to confirm receipt

I have also been working on 2 new bears who will be available from my website later next week. Once I send out the first Newsletter with their release details I’d love to hear your feedback on the new mailing system or if you have any ideas for new scrapbook blog posts such as more work in progress reports or you would like to propose a topic or theme such as questions and answer etc you can email me at melaniejayne@beartreasures.com








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